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Updated: Feb 6, 2019


The results are highly satisfactory for immediate therapeutic response, simplicity of use and versatility of the unit. Countless pathological conditions due to trauma or extreme work of the muscular-skeletal apparatus can be found in every sport. The ZAMAR device has been tested in many ways and at significant times in all riding sports. Here below we supply a list of pathologies suffered by sports horses after particularly demanding competitions, which were treated with the ZAMAR machine:

• muscle/tendon contractures and injuries

• inflammation and swelling due to stress and strain

• pain and heaviness due to muscle strain

• lactic acid stagnation

• haematoma and extravasation due to contusion, trauma and tissue damage

The results were excellent. Great appreciation has been expressed for the possibility of treating the injured/inflamed parts with personalized therapies: cold and heat treatment, alternated cold and hot cycles and massage.

Conventional treatments (ice packs or glycogel bags) do not ensure a steady temperature during the treatment. ZAMAR has developed a new method which represents a safe and definitive solution to the problem of cold/heat therapy.

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